Heart Stewardship

The Heart Stewardship Program is a heart-centered, holistic educational experience created to help you learn how to connect with your heart, give it a voice, and become a proactive participant in your healing journey. 
Healing begins when you learn how to be a good caretaker of your heart. Stewardship is defined as the responsible overseeing and protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving. Nothing is more worthy of care and preservation than your heart. Your heart matters and deserves tender and intentional care, especialy when it is aching and broken after loss, divorce, or other broken bonds.

In 8 1-hour sessions you will learn how to care for yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and relationally.

  • Explore how your natural personality influences your grief experience and healing journey.
  • Learn what it means to take responsibility for your own heart.
  • Develop curiosity around your heart and connect to it more deeply by using a series of emotional check-in questions. 
  • Develop emotional vocabulary to effectively identify your feelings and express them.
  • Identify your greatest fears and deepest desires to explore how grief can trigger unbeneficial fear-based reactions and learn how to stop the fear cycle.
  • Become proactive instead of reactive or inactive.
  • Learn to differentiate between healing, catharsis, and temporary relief behaviors.
  • Learn how to care for yourself during each phase of grief (surviving, reviving, and thriving)
  • Explore the physical effects of grief on our body and brain.
  • Explore how your past has shaped the lens in which you see grief and healing through.
  • Examine how a loss is really multiple losses/layers of loss and identify what those losses are, how they all connect, and how to prepare your heart to encounter new aspects of your loss in the future. 
  • Learn how to take care of your whole self: this includes the importance of rest, nutrition, and exercise in your healing.
  • Adopt a healing lifestyle: Continue tending to your heart for a lifetime.
Additional grief-related topics and/or skills add-on sessions:
    1. When Healing Feels Impossible - A look into the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that prevent you from giving yourself permission to heal and how to resolve them.
    2. Guilt, Shame, and Resentment: Forgiving yourself and others - Examining the role forgiveness plays in healing, what forgiveness is (and is not) and how to do it to release yourself from your prison of suffering.
    3. Grief and Relationships - Grief changes every relationship in your life. Learn how to set proper expectations and boundaries with your spouse, family, and friends as you navigate your healing journey.

    Heart Stewardship is unlike any heart-healing approach out there. The skills and insights you'll learn through this program will equip you to not only feel better immediately but ensure that your healing will continue for a lifetime.