Heart to Heart Sessions

Heart to Heart sessions provide an opportunity for you to:

  • share your heart safely, 
  • find the support you need, and
  • get your bearings in the midst of your whirlwind of grief and loss.

The goal is to help you feel heard and understood as we formulate a tangible action plan to re-introduce hope and empower you to become proactive in healing your heart.

Three different heart to heart session options are available:

1-hour: One hour over the phone or via video chat will allow us to meet, share your heart, and get the validation you need. It is also an opportunity to share your story. You'll finish the call feeling heard and unconditionally supported.

4 hours: Four hours over the phone or via video chat (usually divided over 2-3 weeks) provides the opportunity to find unconditional support while formulating a practical and tangible healing plan with the next best steps for you to begin cultivating healing.

10 hours: Ten hours over the phone or via video chat (usually divided over 5-8 weeks) allows you to not only share your story and create an action plan but get consistent support through the process, however long it takes.

*These sessions are often ideal after finishing The Grief Recovery Program or Heart Stewardship Program to continue working through what you've learned about yourself and your heart or to simply provide the extra support you need to continue healing. However, you don't have to do the Grief Recovery Program or Heart Stewardship to participate in Heart to Heart sessions. Healing doesn't have a one-size-fits-all manual or chart a predictable course. These sessions are the most personalized support you can get for your unique heart and circumstances. They can be combined and repeated as needed.