Thanks so much! And yes the webinar was EXACTLY what I needed at this time. It's true what you said, most support groups and sites focus on the grief part of loss and nothing about healing. I lost my baby a year ago and although it's still difficult, I want to get better. That webinar was a godsend for ME! Thanks again for all you do Rachel to get women to a place where they can be ok with healing themselves past the pain. - Danica 


I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel in my workplace. Initially one of my employees had attended an Apex meeting and he came back to the office super excited to share in on his experience with Rachel's presentation. He added how Rachel made him feel good about the struggles he had been facing. I decided to have her attend one our our staff meetings to teach on emotional well-being in the workplace.

It was such a pleasure and most inspirational to the entire team. In my department we consistently encounter patients and visitors throughout the course of each day. Rachel was able to share how we in healthcare can bring both professional care and a spiritual side to our customer service component.

I challenge anyone to take a moment to check out her website and hear what she has to say. My staff are still talking about the presentation almost a year later. I also have to add that I myself was super psyched after the presentation. I felt totally inspired to do something great that would impact lives in a positive way. That aspiration has not stopped but it had only heightened to grander scale.

I challenge many others to hear her presentation. I even convinced my Director to have her speak at a larger business conference and they too were enlightened. -Sibyl


It is because of Rachel's sincere honesty and openness in sharing with others her own grief journey that I no longer feel alone. I can honestly say that Rachel is passionate about the emotional well-being of everyone. 
She speaks from her own experience. She validated the emotions and feelings I was and am experiencing. Even now, years after meeting her, she still shows and expresses her care for me and desire to help me. She continues to walk with me as I strive to live each day healed after loss.
She has created something beautiful out of her own heartbreak. Rachel not only successfully created her own tea company, Teamotions, teas for emotional well-being, but she is also choosing to reach out beyond herself and offer hope and healing to others. Her heart for others is evident and so natural one can’t help but feel drawn to her and feel a sense of hope and inspiration. -Toni


I lost my son Ethan to stillbirth 15 years ago. It broke my heart wide open in a way that is hard to put into words. 

I was so honored to attend Retreat HOPE, the retreat Rachel created for moms who have had a baby die. Rachel's transparency in telling her story truly opened the door for us all to feel comfortable. She shared from such a raw, honest place and it truly set the tone for the beautiful weekend we experienced. I love that she offers a safe place for women to process their pain and find a community who understands. -Sharon


I debated for quite some time about attending a healing retreat for moms who had lost a child. I wasn't sure what to expect. My main fear was that by being surrounded by other moms I would be propelled back into deep grief or be set back from all the healing work I had done. This fear couldn't be further from the truth. Meeting Rachel for the first time completely put me at ease for the remainder of my retreat experience.

Rachel was so supportive during the retreat experience. I really appreciated the heartfelt activities that facilitated reflection and an openness to invite healing into this lifelong journey of grief.

The healing activities incorporated tending to our hearts, minds, and bodies, each planned for and executed with such love and tenderness for where each mom was on her journey. She met each one of us where we were and this allowed us to feel safe and heard without judgment.

The feeling of hope and healing that I experienced since attending the retreat has continued since leaving. I am better for having attended the retreat Rachel created and look forward to future events with her. -Amie